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30 May 2024/ Latest Work

Unik Models Feature on Amazon Original Reality TV Show “Luxe Listings Toronto”

Unik Models has always been at the forefront of the fashion and modelling industry, and our latest collaboration with Amazon Original's reality TV show, Luxe Listings Toronto, is yet another testament to our dedication and talent. The show, which delves into the luxurious real estate market of Toronto, showcases not just stunning properties but also the glamorous lifestyle that accompanies them. Our models added an extra layer of allure and sophistication, complementing the high-end homes featured in the series.

The production of Luxe Listings Toronto spanned over six exhilarating months, during which our models worked tirelessly alongside the show's cast and crew. It was indeed a whirlwind of excitement and creativity, as our models brought their unique charm and professionalism to every scene. Whether it was a high-stakes property negotiation or an exclusive open house event, Unik Models were there, enhancing the visual narrative with their grace and poise.

This collaboration was a significant milestone for Unik Models, and we couldn't be more proud of the outcome. The experience was not only a fantastic opportunity for our models to gain exposure in the entertainment world but also a chance to showcase their versatility beyond traditional modelling assignments. We are thrilled to have been a part of Luxe Listings Toronto and look forward to many more such exciting ventures in the future.
Thank you to the entire production team and cast for making this journey memorable and successful!

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