• Height 5' 2.5"
  • Weight 100 lbs
  • Eyes Brown
  • Hair Dark Brown
  • Bust 32"
  • Hips 32"
  • Shoe 6
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Kimberly ( Model )

Earlier in my career I was a travelling spokes model for various companies around North America building a roster of great relationships. I have worked in the entertainment industry as an actress/print model for almost a decade.

2011 I founded Change Up Charity, a unique charity that helps women and children living in poverty receive brand new clothing based on their specific needs. All packages are customized to each individual and are shipped out quarterly to their transitional homes in the GTA.

In 2014 I started a tech blog, which took off soon after I landed my first gig working as press for the International Consumers Electronic Show In Las Vegas. Shortly after I was scouted by some of the top regarded journalist agencies in NYC which resulted in a book deal for my first published piece I technically said that in 2017.

Over the last several years I’ve taken my creative Roll into designing jewelry which has led me to The Laconic Edit. As a founder of this high-end jewellery line, I design and create custom pieces out of diamonds and gold with a story to be told behind each piece. My long-term plan is to take this Company in International featuring in some of the top fashion magazines around the world.

In the meantime I would love to continue modelling and exploring that path creatively.

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